Liquid Productions

"70% of Planet Earth is covered by water, our specialty is documenting what's beneath it"


Liquid Productions is a professional Video Production Company that specializes in High Definition video, 3D Stereography, and Still Photography both topside and underwater. Our cameramen have the experience to venture into technically challenging underwater environments including caves, deep wrecks, ice and filming marine wildlife. We offer turn key production services for broadcast television and are dedicated to providing unique, reliable and eye-catching images for our clients.





We now have a GATES EPIC DRAGON underwater housing available for future productions and rentals. This accepts the RED Scarlet, EPIC and EPIC DRAGON shooting 4k- 6k resolution. Please contact us for more information.

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The Bare Bones of Spearfishing DVD



The Bare Bones of Spearfishing : Your Guide to Underwater Hunting

The Bare Bones of Spearfishing is an informational guide into the world of spearfishing. Whether you're new to spearfishing or you desire to learn new tips and tricks from the experts, this 120 minute DVD covers it! We discuss the equipment needed in great detail from choosing the right type of speargun, bands, tip selections and more! Learn new techniques for lineshafting and freeshafting plus watch real hunting examples along with RAW BONUS FOOTAGE with commentary.



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The Mill Pond Experience DVD


The Mill Pond Experience explores three popular caves in Merritt’s Mill pond located in Marianna Florida. This DVD won’t just be following divers through a cave, or mounting a video camera atop a scooter. We show the cave from many angles and sequences. It’s information and history about the surrounding area, including footage from these impressive systems! Different than Gainesville caves, Jackson Blue, Twin, and Hole in the Wall feature mostly white limestone, a plethora of fossils, cave salamanders, and plenty of cave to explore. We interviewed experts in the area to see what they have to say about diving these sites. Widescreen Format.


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